Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Medical Electrical Equipment

When equipment that has electrical components is expected to come into contact with a patient, it is deemed to be “Medical Electrical Equipment” (MEE) or a “Medical Electrical System” (MES).  This places the product or system into a separate category which requires a more stringent type of inspection to different codes and standards.

MEE and MES includes such things as patient beds, operating tables, operation theater lights, ultrasound diagnostic units, etc.

Field Evaluation of MEE and MES is done to the CSA SPE-3000 Model Code.

Our inspection team is trained to Field Evaluate and approve Medical Electrical Equipment (MEE) under the new CSA SPE-3000 Model Code.  ESAFE’s SPE-3000 approval mark is accepted in all jurisdictions in Canada.

ESAFE presently does not provide SPE-3000 approvals on X-Ray machines, MRI’s, CT Scanners, Lasers and equipment for cosmetic use.

When you are ready to have your Medical Electrical Equipment evaluated please fill out our online application.  We will be sure to respond to your request within two business days.

Our mark of approval for Medical Electrical Equipment appears below: